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C-Map MAX/PC Chart Selector Plus 1 Chart Licence

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The MAX/PC Selector application is a software program that:

  • Acts as an electronic chart catalogue: you can navigate through different World zones and browse the C-MAP NT Chart Catalogue to choose the MAX/PC Charts needed.
  • Once you have found a C-Map chart you wish to use with your Navigation Software on your computer you can use the included Licence Code to unlock it. The Chart License Code cannot work on other computers once activated. If you reinstall your operating system you will be able to use the same codes. If you perform a hardware change you will have to contact C-MAP to obtain new Chart License Codes. This software manages the Chart License Codes you receive from C-MAP
  • To unlock additional C-Map Charts, a unique Chart License Code Request is automatically generated each time you select a Chart and lists it in the built-in Shopping Cart. If while you are using this software you do not have an internet connection, the code request must be communicated to C-MAP’s Call Centre Operator, to obtain the Chart License Code to unlock the additional C-Map Chart you have used. If you decide to purchase online the code is automatically transmitted.
  • Allows your Navigation Software Application, designed for C-MAP MAX/PC, to display and use the MAX/PC charts purchased.
  • Allows you to contact C-MAP online through the Internet or by phone to a Call Centre. You can obtain assistance to guide you through a purchase process or to perform operations with the MAX/PC Chart Selector software application as well as assistance for installation troubleshooting and high level technical suggestions.

There are three main operations that you can perform:

  • Chart Selection Mode where you can browse the World map to find and choose the MAX/PC Chart needed.
  • Shopping Cart Mode where you can purchase your MAX/PC Charts License Codes either online or by calling a C-MAP Call Centre. This CD comes included with one Chart License Code.

  • Settings Mode where you can select settings to optimise your MAX/PC Selector Software.

IMPORTANT: In Settings Mode you will find the Backup Registration Procedure of the Chart License Code that you have purchased.

It is highly recommended that you perform a Backup, on a new blank floppy disk, to store the data in a safe place every time you purchase an MAX/PC Chart.

Minium System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98, ME, 2000, XP
  • 486 DX2 or faster
  • 16 MB RAM or more
  • 30 MB hard disk free space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Mouse device
  • VGA display capable of 256 colours

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