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Chemtech Diesel Power Turbo & DPF Cleaner 300ml

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Diesel Power Turbo & DPF Cleaner is perfect for all diesel vehicles to clean and regenerate your DPF while also freeing stuck turbo vanes.

Diesel engines generate higher levels of soot particles which are harmful to humans and the environment.

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) trap these particles and prevent their entry into the atmosphere. Over time, these become clogged.

The revolutionary solution to regenerating them is to use Diesel Power Turbo & DPF Cleaner.


  • Clears/Regenerates blocked DPF units.
  • Burns off Carbon Particles while driving.
  • Cleans/Frees sticking vanes of variable turbo’s.
  • Especially suited for Diesel vehicles driven in frequent stop, start metro driving.
  • Size: 300ml

Directions for Use

After removing cap, invert and use cutter to remove foil seal. Add entire contents of bottle to partially empty diesel fuel tank.

Top up with Diesel. Use every 3,000km.


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