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Cooper Anchor 1kg

Cat.No:  267

Suits Jet Skis & Boats to 3.5m

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This nylon coated aluminium anchor is ideal for boats to 3m and jetskis

Most anchors on the market today are restricted by design to ploughing along near the surface of the sea bed and rarely if ever disappear completely below the sea bed.

Cooper Anchors very simple design with its weighted tip and straight streamline shank are designed to completely disappear below the sea bed and stay there even through wind and tide changes.

The small area between the shank and the tip, (see diagram below) allow Cooper Anchors to change direction with less effort, especially during anchor retrieval.

As the boat is pulled forward, over and above the anchor, the anchor rotates with the vertical pull and is easily retrieved.

The small blade on the shank of the Cooper Anchor completely eliminates the possibility of the anchor staying on it's back.

By creating a new balance point that rolls the anchor onto its tip and sets immediately.

The small blade also increases holding power and stabilises the angle of attack as the anchor buries because the small blade and the main blade are at the same angle and support each other.

All of these features ensure the anchor sets deeply and provides the maximum holding power for your safety and pleasure.

  • Suitable for Boats to 3m and Jetskis
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Suits: 4-6mm or 3/16-1/4" chain/cord


  • (A) 405mm
  • (B) 175mm
  • (C) 165mm
  • (D) 80mm
  • (E) 282mm
  • (F) 55mm

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