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EZ Removable Boat Boarding Assist Handle 24"

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Removable boat boarding assist handle converts standard fishing rod holders for use as a boarding assist handle.


  • Assist in maintaining balance while boarding.
  • Slides easily into and out of most flush mounted rod holders.
  • No special tools needed.
  • Made from High Impact corrosion and UV resistant PVC.
  • Made in the USA.

Installation is EZ.
After assembly, simply insert the handle into the rod holder until the locating pin engages, then rotate to lock.

EZ BOARD Assembly Instructions:

  • Slide insert into handle to align pre-drilled holes
  • Lay handle on a flat surface
  • Slide extension over insert to connect EZ BOARD pieces, aligning pre-drilled holes
  • Insert screws with a Phillips head screwdriver to attach all three pieces of handle

Installation and Removal Instructions
Installation: Slide the EZ BOARD handle into the rod holder until the locating pin engages the EZ BOARD slots. Rotate the handle to the right or left to lock in place.

Both ends of the EZ BOARD handle are slotted for ease and convenience.

Simply adjust the orientation of the handle to achieve the optimal position for boarding and balance.

Removal: Rotate the handle until the rod holder pin aligns with the EZ BOARD slot, then pull out to remove.

Do not force the EZ BOARD handle to install or remove.

EZBoard auxiliary boarding handles are expressly designed to provide additional balance and stability for passengers boarding and exiting boats. 

The EZBoard handle is not to be used for a suspension device. Do not hang from an EZBoard handle at any time.

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