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HandyDuck Trigger Hook

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Use this trigger hook to make your own pole.

You will get a very good useful pole for your boating and also the tool to handle your HandyDuck mooring hook.

You can mount it on any rod of 25 mm. It will suit most of the aluminium poles on the market.

When mounting on aluminium rods be sure to use rivets and not screws.

A screw will get loose because of the aggressive saltwater.

The trigger hook will grab effective on most things you will meet in your daily boating up to 50 mm.

You will notice by using the Trigger hook that it makes it very easy to release even when its underload.

Just turn the pole and it will get loose.

How to use

  • Slide HandyDuck into the slot on the trigger hook on the pole.
  • Reach the pole with the attached hook towards where you want to moor and pull the hook with the pole and mooring line.
  • Pull the pole with a snappy movement and it will get loose from hook and your docking is completed
  • To release enter the hooked part of the trigger hook into the hole on the side of the hook and pull. HandyDuck will release even if it's under load!

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