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International Everdure Primer and Sealer

Cat.No:  60592P
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Everdure is a clear two pack epoxy-based material that can be used as a wood saturation system to help harden, densify and seal out moisture.


  • May be applied over: itself.
  • Can be overcoated with: Most pain systems.


  • New surfaces: All timber should be as dry as possible. Resinous timbers should be degreased with Epoxy Thinner No7 just prior to applying Everdure.
  • Old surfaces previously Everdured: For exterior work desalinate by a thorough fresh water wash down and allow to dry. For interior work wash down with warm soapy water and allow to dry. Sand the surface ensuring that any loose and flaking product is removed and that all edges are well feathered back to a sound surface. Wipe down with Epoxy Thinner No7. Apply Everdure as required.
  • How to apply Everdure: Full saturation and sealing. Everdure should be applied using multiple coats allowing to dry tacky before applying the next coat. Allowing a previous coat to become fully cured will prevent the successive applications from soaking into the timber. Thin the first coat 50%, the second coat 20% and subsequent coats 10%.
  • Clear interior finish systems: Either employ full saturation and sealing system or apply individual coats allowing each to dry. If following this method thin the first coat 50% and apply the subsequent coats unthinned.
  • Priming Coats: Apply two coats thinned 25% and applied wet on wet.


  • Mixing ratio: Equal parts of Everdure Part A and B.
  • Paint preparation: Mix part A and B stir thoroughly and allow to stand for 15 minutes before using. Use within 6-8 hours. Product not used in this time period should be discarded ad fresh material mixed.
  • Number of coats: Full saturation and sealing wet on wet 4-5 coats.
  • As a clear finish interior: 3-4 coats.
  • Priming coat prior to varnishing or painting: 2 coats wet on wet.
  • Practical coverage rate per coat: Varies with Timber types but typically 8-16sqm/l (diluted on bare timber).
  • Thinners: Epoxy thinner No7.
  • Equipment Cleaner: Epoxy thinner No7.


  • Best used above 10c
  • When spraying first coat should be brushed to obtain maximum timber wetting and penetration.
Temp C Pot Life Touch Dry Recouting Time with itself Recoating time with other products
Min Max Min
5 13 Hours 9 Hours 5 Mins 48 Hours 48 Hours
15 9 Hours 5 Hours 5 Mins 24 Hours 24 Hours
23 6 Hours 2 Hours 5 Mins 16 Hours 16 Hours
35 3 Hours 1 our 5 Mins 8 Hours 8 Hours

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