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LightRule Lights & Sounds Identification Tool

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If you’ve ever been on the water at night and wondered if the lights you see are from an approaching or fleeing vessel or if you wonder if the vessel is a fishing trawler or super tanker then LIGHTrule is for you.

This simple to use vessel identification tool shows the actual view of vessels for Port, Starboard, Bow and Stern lights.

LIGHTrule identifies 60 light configurations and provides a magnifying lens to make vessel descriptions easy to read. It also displays audible signals for restricted visibility, manoeuvring and warning.

LIGHTrule is inexpensive security for night travel and should be an essential part of the equipment found on any boat.

LIGHTrule is also an excellent aide for navigation classes and Coast Guard exams too.

It’s a great value, constructed of extremely durable plastic and stored in a vinyl sleeve.

Dimensions: 16” x 5 ¼”

To use the LIGHTrule as a recognition tool:

1. Select the port or starboard side of the LIGHTrule using the target vessels navigation lights as a reference.

2. Identify the vessel group - for rapid vessel identification, vessels are grouped together on the rule according to the combination of masthead and all-round lights displayed.

3. Slide the rule to the selected vessel group and adjust until the lights shown on the LIGHTrule match those of the target vessel.

4. The target vessel is identified in the vessel definition window.

To use the LIGHTrule as a study aid:

1. Slide the cursor until the desired vessel appears in the vessel definition window - The correct lights for the selected vessel appear in bow and port aspects.

2. Turn the LIGHTrule over - The correct lights are shown for the same vessel in stern and starboard aspects.

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