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Magna Lite Specs +2.0 - Glasses

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Magna Lite Specs are ideal for any dimly lit situation.

They work as conventional reading glasses, available in a variety of magnifications, but also include two LED lights for easy illumination of your work.

Magna Lite Specs are great for fly tying, reading, knot tying, fine painting, sewing, camping, plumbing and mechanic work and plenty more!

Handy for when you have forgotten your glasses, these specs will save the day.

Pop a pair in the glovebox of the car, tackle box, desk drawer, caravan, boat or anywhere handy when you may need them.

The next time when you travel in the air, pop a pair in your carry on luggage.

Use your Magna lites instead of flicking the overhead light switch.

Less strain on the eyes with the magnification they provide.

Your eyes will feel more refreshed, which on a long trip, anything helps!


  • 2x LED lights
  • Individual on/off switches
  • Includes battery and case
  • Magnification +2.0

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