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Norglass Norflex Epoxy Filler 750g

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A two part Epoxy/Polyamine/Polyamide filler. Characterized by high strength, non-shrinking, low sag, resistance to chemicals and excellent adhesion to timber, metals, concrete, fibreglass and other materials.

Uses - For filling gaps, holes and imperfections in most surfaces. Ideal for use as a fairing filler on large areas because of its ability to flex with the substrate. Offer a 30% weight saving by mass over NORFILL.


  • Colour: Cream (when mixed). Colour can be altered using Norglass Pigment Paste.
  • Finish: Low gloss to flat, depending on application.
  • Drying time: Hard cure 12 hours. Full cure 7 days.
  • Recoating: May be painted over after 12 hours
  • Pot life: 30 minutes at 20°C
  • Mix ratio: 2:1 (Base to hardener) by volume
  • Thinning: Not recommended
  • Clean up: NORGLASS EPOXY THINNER (insoluble once cured before settling occurs).

Preperation - A perfectly clean and dry surface is essential for maximum adhesion. Where used on metal surfaces the substrate must be adequately primed and sealed before cosmetic fairing takes place.

Application - Place 2 equal parts of NORFLEX base onto a flat mixing board and position an equal 1 part of NORFLEX hardener alongside. When assessed that all 3 piles are of equal value, blend together thoroughly until well mixed then apply with a rubber squeegee or filling knife. 

Allow overnight to cure before sanding. When final fairing is achieved the NORFLEX will need to be overcoated with SHIPSHAPE PRIMER-UNDERCOAT to obliterate the texture and fill minor cavities.

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