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FixTech Fix 2 White 125ml

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Fix2 is a high-quality single component joint sealant with high adhesive strength.

It is based on a Hybrid Polymer, which is chemically neutral and fully elastic with excellent primerless bonding.

For use in low movement joints, adhesion and waterproofing in the construction, automotive, marine and aerospace industries where a strong bond and/or UV resistant flexible seal is required.


  • Good bond strength on a wide variety of substrates 
  • Non-Yellowing white 
  • High-performance mechanical properties 
  • Flexible elastic rubber when fully cured; movement accommodation up to 20% 
  • Very low emission, and is impervious to mould 
  • No bubble formation within the sealant 
  • Primerless adhesion to most common substrates (Compatability tests recommended) 
  • Easy to tool and finish 
  • Excellent extrudability and UV resistance 
  • Ecological advantages- free from isocyanates, and solvents 
  • Minimal health and safety considerations 
  • Can be painted with all water-based paints and many other systems* 
  • No staining of porous materials such as natural stone, granite, marble, etc.


Sealing and bonding of most common substrates where a flexible seal/joint is required, Suitable for bonding and sealing but not limited to steel, aluminium, stainless, PVC, fibreglass, concrete, composite, glass, timber, mirrors, polystyrene, rubber, PU foam, etc….Connection joints in sheet metal fabrication.

Sealing and bonding of coachwork, caravans, boats, commercial ferries and ships, buses, aircraft, domestic and commercial construction.

We do not recommend the Fix2 for use in sealing exterior exposed oily wood such as teak, instead, we recommend Fix1DC for this application. 

  •  Fix2 may be overpainted with water-based paints, however, due to the large number of paints such as and not limited to 1 and 2 pack PU paints, acrylics, 2 pack varnishes that are available we strongly recommend compatibility tests before application.
  • The drying time of some alkyd paint systems may increase and some enamel and oil-based paints will not cure properly. 
  • Fix2 can be applied to a wide variety of substrates. Due to the fact that the specific properties of substrates will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, we strongly recommend compatibility tests. 


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