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Altex Timbercote Clear Varnish

Cat.No:  59700P
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Timbercote is designed for use on all marine bright work.


  • Can be successfully applied to teak provided strict de-oiling measures are observed
  • May be used to upgrade existing sound varnish systems
  • Can be applied over prepared timber sealed with 421 Epoxy Timber Sealer or 421 Epoxy Resin
  • Is ideal for solid timber doors
  • Note : it is essential that a sufficient number of coats of Timbercote are applied in order to lay up an adequate level of UV absorber to protect the timber surface
  • A minimum of five (5) coats is recommended for exterior exposure
  • Timbercote is formulated to be applied at 30-40 microns – DO NOT overbuild any individual coat within the system.
  • It is recommended that Timbercote be thinned up to 50% by volume to aid levelling, film thickness control and rapid through-hardening.


  • Single pack clear finish
  • Proven performance over many years
  • Excellent flow and wet look finish
  • Specifically formulated for exterior beautification and protection of most timbers
  • A tough resin coupled with high levels of UV absorber assures lasting protection in marine use
  • Correctly applied Timbercote has the longest lasting finish of all competitive single pack varnishes tested
  • Excellent application characteristics

Surface Preparation
All surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and sanded to a fine finish before application of Timbercote.

New or stripped timber may be sealed with 421 Epoxy Timber Sealer prior to application of Timbercote, or Timbercote may be applied direct to the timber.

Existing varnished surfaces must be thoroughly sanded and only sound varnish is acceptable when recoating with Timbercote.

Oily timbers such as teak must be thoroughly degreased immediately prior to applying Timbercote

Specification Data

  • Generic Type: UV Absorber Reinforced Modified Polyester Gloss Varnish
  • Colour: Light Amber Clear
  • Gloss: High Gloss
  • Flash Point: 35ºC
  • Thinner: Mineral Turpentine
  • Storage: Store under cool, dry conditions
  • Density: 0.95 kg per litre
  • Volume Solids: 52%
  • Theoretical Coverage Rate: 14.8 sq. metres per litre at 35 microns dry
  • Recommended Film Thickness Per Coat: 58-77 microns wet to obtain 30-40 microns dry
  • Application: Spray, brush or roller
  • Dry Times (35 µm DFT / 25oC / 50% RH):
    • Touch Dry : 2 Hr
    • Dry to Sand : Overnight
  • Recoat Time (35 µm DFT / 25oC / 50% RH):
    • Recommended : Overnight
    • Aged Recoat : Maximum one week without light sanding


Timbercote can be applied by spray, brush or roller.

Suggested spray equipment is:

  • Air Spray: De Vilbiss - JGA gun, E Fluid Nozzel, 80/704 Air Nozzle
  • Note: Other equipment equivalent to the above may be used.
  • Note: Unsealed surfaces will require a suction coat of Timbercote thinned 50% with Mineral Turpentine. Allow to dry overnight and sand lightly. Bare timber will require 5-8 coats (or more) of Timbercote over sealed surface.

Clean-up: Use Mineral Turpentine

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