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Simrad Broadband 4G Radar NSE/NSS

Cat.No:  45792N Sup. No:  000-10421-001
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The Broadband 4G™ Radar reinvents the standard, transforming the way you'll navigate for good.

Beam Sharpening, Target Separation Control, Dual Range Radar and High Revolution Speed. No other radar comes close.

Now you can monitor a buoy 200 feet away and keep track of coastal projections at 32nm, all from one single dome at the same time, for the ultimate navigational safety.


  • Crystal Clear Images
  • Beam Sharpening
  • Dual Range
  • Zero Radiation Hazard
  • InstantOn™
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Mount Anywhere
  • Quick Installation
  • Unrivalled Short-Range Performance
  • 20 MARPA Targets

Beam Sharpening
The only dome radar in the world to employ beam sharpening. Now you can control the level of target separation depending upon the situation, which allows you to see the sharpest images possible when you need them most.

More Range
With 50% more true range than Broadband 3G™ Radar, you can see crystal clear targets at up to 32nm and inside strong storm cells at up to 17nm.

Dual Range
Capable of displaying Dual Range radar combinations. Now you can monitor targets from 200ft to 32nm with just one dome and one display.

Unrivalled Short Range Target Discrimination
With twice the azimuth resolution of any other 18” raydome on the market, moored vessels, docks, channel markers and other critical targets are displayed with pronounced clarity and separation.

Zero Main Bang - Vision Where You Need it Most
Broadband Radar™ technology eliminates the “main bang” – obscured viewing “dead zone” immediately around the boat - associated with pulse radar. Now you can see targets close-in for the safest navigation of harbours, estuaries and marinas.

Low RF Transmissions For Safe, Flexible Installations
Transmitting less than 1/10,000 the power of a typical pulse radar and less than an average mobile phone, Broadband 4G™ Radar can be safely mounted anywhere onboard your boat.

Instant Navigation
No need to wait 2-3 minutes for a magnetron to warm up. Broadband Radar technology is 100% solid-state, providing navigation in seconds with InstantOn™ technology.


  • Product Height: 280 mm / 11 in
  • Product Weight: 7.4 kg / 16 lbs (no cable)
  • Operating Temperature: -25° to +55°C 
  • Water Resistance: IPX6
  • Humidity: +35°C (95°F) 95% RH
  • Waterproof Standard/rating: IPX6


  • Antenna Horizontal Beam Width [deg] 5.2°+/-10% (-3dB width) ° (Beam width with target separation on MAX is 2.6°)
  • Antenna Receiver Noise Figure [dB] 6
  • Antenna Rotation Speed: 24/36/48 rpm +/- 10% (mode and MFD model dependent)
  • Antenna Vertical Beam Width: 25°+/-20% (-3dB width) °
  • Beam Width: Adjustable between 2.6° and 5.2° with target separation control (Simrad, B&G) , 2.6° (Lowrance)
  • Distance Range [nm] 36
  • Radar Wind Resistance: 51 m/sec (Max:100 Knots)
  • Radar Warm Up Time [minutes] 0


  • Transmitter Frequency: X-band - 9.3 to 9.4Ghz


  • Power Consumption: 20W (Typ.) @ 13.8Vdc (21W in dual range mode) Standby: 2.9W
  • Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 9V to 31.2Vdc (12/24 Volt systems) Reverse polarity protection Minimum startup voltage 10.8vDC


  • Output Power [kW] (at antenna port) 165mW nominal


  • Description: High Performance Broadband Radome
  • Radar Antenna Width: 19"
  • Radar Technology: Broadband FMCW
  • Radar Max Range: 36nm
  • Radar Power Requirements: 12v / 20 Watt
  • Radar Features: MARPA, Guard Zones, InstantON, Dual Range*, High Speed*, Beam Sharpening*
    *NSE and NSO only.

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