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wRino2 Boat & Docking Hook

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wRino2 is a combination boathook, docking tool and mooring tool all in one simple device. 

The device is adaptable to what you want, for a docking problem add your dock line to make a docking tool, for mooring add a mooring hook to solve your particular mooring problem.

The Benefits

Most docking and mooring problems stop when the boat stops…….

This is what wRino2 does… it stops the boats movement, without that leap of faith, from the boat to the dock, which can be terrifying.

You travel on your boat, from one destination to another and at each destination, there is a unique docking or mooring procedure.

The wRino’s different functions are designed to solve many of the potential problems you may encounter.

When you are docking or mooring, speed is critical and the wRino2 will perform faster and easier than anything else available, at less cost.


  • The wRino construction is both strong and super lightweight
  • One reason is for easier line handling.
  • Another reason is important for retailers because the total packaged delivery weight is now under 1 Kg
  • Head section and clips: Nylon
  • Handle: Anodised aluminium
  • Weight: 0.65 Kg
  • Dimensions: Length with handle retracted 1.2 m 
  • Length with handle extended 2.0 m 


  • The telescopic handle is designed by wrino and has an innovative locking mechanism for better holding grip when extended.
  • The photo shows a cutaway view of the patented locking mechanism.
  • It features a large locking nut for better grip and a stopper that prevents the handle from jamming when fully extended.


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