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12V/600W Modified Sine Wave Inverter

The versatile IM600 inverter is for those more serious about remote power.

It can be permanently mounted inside a vehicle and features twin power outlets to safely run multiple appliances.


  • Input: 12V DC, 75A Max
  • No load current draw: 0.68A
  • Output: 230/240V AC 50Hz (Modified Sine Wave)
  • Output power: 600W Continuous (1200W Peak)
  • Efficiency: 85-90%
  • Low battery alarm: 10.5 Volts
  • Shutdown: 10.0 Volt (±0.2V)
  • Cooling fan: Automatically temperature controlled
  • Thermal Shutdown: 65°C (±5°C)
  • Fuse: 3 x 25A
  • Ideal battery size: 50-130Ah
  • Minimum battery size: 50Ah, 400CCA
  • Run time with 150W on 24AH battery: 30 min
  • Run time with a 100W globe on 17AH battery: 4 hours
  • Approvals: Electrical Safety, EMC

L.E.D Light Indication

  • Green light on: Power on
  • Red light on: Accompanied by audible alarm indicates a fault

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