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Safety Tru-Plug Mini Floating Key Ring

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Introducing the Emergency Plug Floating Key Ring, the TruPlug Mini!

Your TruPlug Mini is a soft shaped plug designed to conform to the shape of your vessel’s purge valve hole or through hull.

TruPlug Mini Adapts to slow or stop leaks. Its unique shape allows it be compressed by hand so it fits into holes to stop intrusion of water. This is your true stop-gap solution for emergency leaks.


  • Floating key chain, highly visible, pops out and floats when dropped into the water
  • Floats with up to 6 keys attached
  • Will slow or stop leaks
  • Soft cone conforms to any shape
  • Best temporary plug for through-hull or impact breach
  • For holes larger than 1 ¾” use the standard full size TruPlug.

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