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Scaregull Seagull Scarer 5'

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  • Keeps Seagulls Away
  • Seagull Deterrent for Boats
  • Get rid of Seagulls on your boat

How It Works

  • Seagulls are creatures of habit. Once they have spent time on your boat (and made a mess of it!) they return again and again.
  • Clean your boat and install a Scaregull and you will find that its rotating action deters the seagulls from landing all day, every day (and night). The gulls find a new home and never return.
  • On a larger boat, you may need additional Scaregulls to be completely gull free.
  • Scaregull and its mounting pin should always be removed and stored before you go sailing.

Assembly and Fitting Instructions

Your Scaregull comprises a hub - 2 arms - 2 sails, and a deck mounting block. The arms push into the hub and are secured with a stainless steel spring clip. Diameter 1.5m (5')

One sail is mounted between 2 stainless steel washers (diagram A) on each arm and secured with a stainless steel clip. The sails should be positioned as diagram B to ensure that the Scaregull rotates clockwise.

The deck mounting block can be fitted to any level surface with the 2 screws supplied (use a 3mm drill).

The mounting pin needs to be vertical to ensure proper rotation. If your deck or surface is not horizontal use our variable angle bracket for correction. If additional clearance is needed then longer mounting pins are available.

Always remove and store the Scaregull and pin before you get underway.

Scaregull has been tested in gales, however, we recommend its removal in winds of more than 35MPH.


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